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xradar.io.backends.nexrad_level2.open_nexradlevel2_datatree(filename_or_obj, **kwargs)[source]#

Open NEXRAD Level2 dataset as datatree.DataTree.


filename_or_obj (str, Path, file-like or DataStore) – Strings and Path objects are interpreted as a path to a local or remote radar file

Keyword Arguments:
  • sweep (int, list of int, optional) – Sweep number(s) to extract, default to first sweep. If None, all sweeps are extracted into a list.

  • first_dim (str) – Can be time or auto first dimension. If set to auto, first dimension will be either azimuth or elevation depending on type of sweep. Defaults to auto.

  • reindex_angle (bool or dict) – Defaults to False, no reindexing. Given dict should contain the kwargs to reindex_angle. Only invoked if decode_coord=True.

  • fix_second_angle (bool) – If True, fixes erroneous second angle data. Defaults to False.

  • site_coords (bool) – Attach radar site-coordinates to Dataset, defaults to True.

  • kwargs (dict) – Additional kwargs are fed to xarray.open_dataset().


dtree (datatree.DataTree) – DataTree