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xradar.util.reindex_angle(ds, start_angle=None, stop_angle=None, angle_res=None, direction=None, method='nearest', tolerance=None)[source]#

Reindex along first angle.

Missing values will be filled by variable’s _FillValue.


ds (xarray.Dataset) – Dateset to reindex first angle.

Keyword Arguments:
  • start_angle (float) – Start angle of dataset.

  • stop_angle (float) – Stop angle of dataset.

  • angle_res (float) – Angle resolution of the dataset.

  • direction (int) – Sweep direction, -1 -> CCW, 1 -> CW.

  • method (str) – Reindexing method, defaults to “nearest”. See xarray.Dataset.reindex().

  • tolerance (float) – Angle tolerance up to which angles should be considered for used method. Defaults to angle_res / 2.


ds (xarray.Dataset) – Reindexed dataset