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Create Sweep Dataset with Coordinates.

This function creates a simple Dataset with all needed coordinates.

Radar moment variables can be assigned to this Dataset.

Keyword Arguments:
  • shape (tuple) – tuple with shape of DataArray

  • time (float or numpy.ndarray) – time resolution or array with time values (‘seconds since’-notation).

  • date_str (str) – String with the form ‘YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS’ depicting the reference time.

  • rng (float or numpy.ndarray) – range resolution or array with range values.

  • azimuth (float or numpy.ndarray) – azimuth resolution or array with azimuth values.

  • direction (int) – 1 - CW/UP, -1 CCW/DOWN

  • a1gate (int) – First measured ray. Defaults to 0. Only used for PPI.

  • elevation (float or numpy.ndarray) – elevation resolution or array with elevation values.

  • sweep (str) – “PPI” or “RHI”.


swp_ds (xarray.Dataset) – Sweep Dataset.